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medical-weight-loss-nyc-300x200Dr. Sue Decotiis is proud to be one of the leading doctors in NYC to offer medical weight loss for health and wellness. We have multiple program options to choose from, ranging from our most aggressive rapid weight loss plan to more conservative approaches. During your initial consultation, you will be able to determine which plan would be the best and most effective for you.

Please note: Your insurance may not cover medical weight loss.

NYC Medical Weight Loss Doctor, Sue Decotiis, MD offers a cutting-edge and innovative medically supervised Weight Loss Program. Her patients have benefited from her world-class customized weight loss programs for over 25 years. The doctor’s medically proven and scientifically based weight loss programs her patients attain their ideal healthy body size while improving their overall health and appearance. Results are simply remarkable.

The decision to lose weight is a complete lifestyle change. You can lose up to 5-10 pounds this week and up to 15-20 pounds (or more)  a month following our medical weight loss diet plan. Our medically supervised weight loss plans are designed to help you lose weight fast, safe and healthy. Dr. Decotiis and her team of weight loss specialists are changing people’s lives and have successfully gained their reputation as one of NYC’s best weight loss doctors.

“Our mission is give you the tools you need to reach your optimal weight. Our medical  weight loss programs can help you achieve fast, safe, effective long term results.” ~ Dr. Sue Decotiis

The NYC Medical Weight Loss Doctor offers an acclaimed and highly popular customized and comprehensive medical weight loss program that is incredibly easy to follow to patients over 18 years old. These medical weight loss programs are designed to encourage and promote weight loss through a combination of safe, healthy weight loss, personalized attention, and long-term maintenance support:

  • Customized to your individual health needs and goals
  • Supervised by the leading NYC Weight Loss specialist, Sue Decotiis, MD who guide you through your program
  • Created to address the physical and emotional aspects of your weight loss progress
  • Includes ongoing counseling
  • May include FDA-approved prescription appetite suppressants
  • May include a customized easy to follow meal plan

The NYC Medical Weight Loss Doctor offers an extremely comprehensive weight loss program to give fast and long-lasting weight loss. The doctor works with your body to turn your metabolism on. What works for one person may not work for another. Every Medical Weight Loss Plan is customized.

  • APPETITE: If you are hungry you will not be successful in reaching your weight loss goals. Therefore appetite control is tackled head-on with FDA-approved prescription medications, for those warranting them. Combinations of medications as well as supplements are used to make you feel satisfied.
  • SUPPLEMENTS: Nutraceuticals (which are high-grade vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and metabolic supplements) are individualized to each patient and vary with the phase of the program.
  • MEAL REPLACEMENTS: The finest quality protein are recommended for quick weight loss. Studies have shown that those using meal replacements ( of high quality ) lose more weight than those that don’t. Carefully designed meal plans by the dietician will be tweaked to meet your taste and lifestyle.

In addition, the NYC Medical Weight Loss Doctor:

  • Reviews your medical history and lab results to determine if there are any medical or metabolic conditions affecting your weight
  • Measures your % body fat, lean muscle mass, and water using a high-tech Body Composition Analysis Scale
  • Customized a program to meet your specific needs
  • Offers the HCG Diet
  • May prescribe FDA-approved medical weight loss medications (if you are deemed a good candidate)
  • Provides meal planning, assistance and support during the crucial maintenance phase
  • Offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Dr. Sue Decotiis is proud to be an NYC top rated best in class primary care doctor on Vitals, HealthGrades, MakeMeHeal, Google+, RateMDs, and other doctor’s services rating websites.

You can expect safe, healthy weight loss, personalized attention and support. The NYC Medical Weight Loss Doctor also offers Liposonix, a new high-tech medical device that offers a non-surgical, non-invasive method of spot reduction. You can expect to lose one inch in just one session. It is simply amazing technology.

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