Hormone Replacement Therapy Doctor NYC (HRT Doctors NYC)

hrt-nyc-1-300x170HRT is a contemporary approach to wellness as well as anti-aging. Hormones regulate all physiological functions, are mandatory for optimal health, promote a robust metabolism, aid in cellular regeneration and, perhaps most importantly, ensure a feeling of overall well-being. We feel at our best when our hormonal system is in proper equilibrium. However, with age, illness or stress, the balance of hormone production is often disturbed. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a methodology that physically measures the hormone mixture at various times during the day, and then prescribes a corrective and revitalizing regimen.

Dr. Sue Decotiis, a specialist in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, will provide you with proper re-balancing or replacement of hormones in the body through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to eliminate your specific symptoms and to improve your well-being and physical and mental health. A hormone imbalance strains the body and contributes to the development of many serious diseases. Bioidentical hormones not only relieve symptoms of hormone imbalances, but also can decrease your risk for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and degenerative arthritis.

Hormones that supply life-giving nutrients decline with age. HRT primarily addresses hormonal deficiencies, whereas Bio-Identical HRT goes the additional step, replacing hormones where deficiencies exist but also suppressing excessive hormones where needed. Bio-Identical HRT evaluates the complete hormonal map of the individual and focuses on the need for hormonal balance.

Bioidentical hormone replacement can:

  • Restore hormone balance and relief of related symptoms
  • Accelerate fat burning for increased weight loss
  • Protect against fibrocystic breasts
  • Reduce nights sweats
  • Eliminate insomnia
  • Prevent vaginal thinning and dryness
  • Enhance energy
  • Increase bone production and prevent osteoporosis
  • Improve heart health
  • Improve blood flow
  • Boost sex drive and libido
  • Improve mental acuity and memory
  • Reduce risks of heart disease
  • Reduce depression
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improve overall sense of well being
  • Reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone

Please note: HRT is a contemporary approach to wellness as well as anti-aging and may not be covered by your insurance.

Hormonal imbalance can occur at any age in both men and women.

Young women frequently present with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, intractable fatigue, obesity, heavy periods, painful periods, severe PMS, painful or lumpy breasts, migraine headaches, infrequent periods, polycystic ovary syndrome, excessive body hair, low libido, impaired immunity, absent periods and infertility.

Mature women may present with all of the above and at midlife many present to their health practitioner with troublesome menopausal symptoms.

Both younger and older men may present with intractable fatigue, impaired immunity, infertility, osteopenia, osteoporosis, loss of well-being or general malaise.  A man with low hormone levels can suffer from conditions like fatigue, irritability, and weight gain. Low hormone levels can also cause erectile dysfunction and low sex drive.

While hormonal imbalances are not the only cause for the above conditions, more and more people are experiencing resolution of their condition through the balancing of their hormones with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Those not experiencing complete resolution of symptoms, improve so significantly that their symptoms become minor or so infrequent, that they are easily lived with, or readily controlled by other therapeutic modalities.

After consultation with the specialist bioidentical hormone replacement doctor, Dr. Sue Decotiis, tests are made to ascertain baseline levels of the hormonal map and the metabolic rate. These tests are based on samples of saliva, blood and urine taken over a 24 hour period. After laboratory analysis, the results are then used to determine the precise and personally tailored regimen of hormone replacement. The products used are a mix of extremely high quality, synthetic and bio-engineered human-identical hormones.

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